AMD and AM5 – Just don’t use EXPO, it might destroy your LUKS devices

Everyone frightened by the title? Okay, it may be a bit exaggregated, but hear me out, this might be an interesting read for you. Have you ever heard about AM5 and DDR5 beeing unstable, expecially with more than one DIMM per Slot populated? Most likely yes, this is a quite widespread information, and basically everyone has accepted to use only one DIMM per channel, if you want to even get close to the advertiesed RAM-speed by the memory modules. But have you ever heared, EXPO profiles harming your LUKS-devices? Me neither, so here goes the story, that almost ruined my sunday…


Add memtest86+ to (U)EFI-Only Linux Environments

Maybe you have been in the need to use a memtester like memtest86+. Maybe to test Ram-Overclocking (like XMP/DOCP), stability (like „more than 2 sticks of ram on AMD AM5“), because you suspect a faulty stick, or just as burn-in-test. Maybe you also realized, that memtest86+ – for the longest time – only supports booting in legacy CSM-Mode (aka. „legacy BIOS“). While this isn’t a big deal, when you have memtest on a bootable stick on a Board with CSM-Support (which is still true for most mainboards), it can be a challenge, when the Mainboard is (U)EFI-Only, when you try to add a boot-entry from a running Linux-System, or when having no physical access, like on Servers, when you are using the respective Out-Of-Band-Management-System. Or maybe, you just want to have memtest on hand, because you regularily have the need to run it for whatever reason.


Add some LCD-experience to your Media-Center / HTPC

in HTPC assembled 40x2 LCD in Detail

Most HTPC-Cases are…mostly crap. Either they have a form-factor, which isn’t usable at all in common living-room-configurations or they are missing some major features you would expect from a HTPC.

Whatever, this shall not be the topic here. Instead we’re fetching a case, which features most of our requirements, and add a ‚useful‘ LCD-setup to it. Weiterlesen

ZFS mount stuck on boot – Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial Xerus

When testing the new, natively implemented ZFS on Linux on Ubuntu 16.04, and following some older tutorials, you might get stuck on boot at the following point:

The reaons for this is the paralellized boot-sequence of systemd. ZFSonLinux has it’s own config, on which you can decide to mount ZFS-Pools on boot, which is exactly what kicks in here. Fixing this is easy when you know how to…


WordPress/Nginx issue with Fileupload

I recently encountered a strange issue within the combination of Nginx and WordPress. I worte an article, and uploaded a bunch of images for this purpose. Most images uploaded fine, but a few threw http-errors. My php.ini had a lot higher limit and on the filesystem there was space. The only thing the images which did not upload had in common were, that they are rotated by 90 degrees. I have taken the images with my cellphone, and i knew that some phones put EXIF-tags that say „rotated by 90 degrees clockwise“ instead of actually transforming it. Weiterlesen