Updating unsupported 8BitDO-Devices with fwupdmgr

A while ago I got myself an 8bitdo-nes30-controller. I was about to upgrade my controller to a recent firmware version, because the firmware versions >=4.00 offered much better stability on the wireless layer. Unfortunately the lvfs-firmware-updater fwupdmgr did not let me patch fe066b57c69265f4cce8a999a5f8ab90d1c13b24-8Bitdo-SFC30_NES30_SFC30_SNES30-4.01.cab from https://fwupd.org/lvfs/component/289/all (old link. New firmware is available under https://fwupd.org/lvfs/devices/com.8bitdo.nes30.firmware) to it, because of firmware is not for this hw:

Anyhow, i decided to take the risk to flash the default-firmware for this controller, even if it says, it is not supported, because I suspected, that 8bitdo just keeps using the available Controllers, and was kinda sure, they just don’t documented all of the used IDs, so I digged into the cab-file to make this update work for me (Spoiler: The firmware works just fine).